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                               February 2019

Dear friends,

                 This month, I will be traveling to India, the world’s second most populated nation, with more than a billion souls, of whom less than three percent are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  The vast majority of India’s masses are bound in spiritual darkness, worshipping multitudes of idols in the pagan religion of Hinduism.  They are destined for an eternity in hell unless they hear the Truth of the Gospel, and repent of their sins, turning to a genuine faith in the Son of God.   

                Our team will be training church leaders, and evangelizing students in the city of Kolkata (formerly called Calcutta), from February 12 to 26.  Nicknamed “The City of Joy”, Kolkata has a population of nearly 15 million people, most of whom are living in abject poverty and degradation, with no earthly idea of what real “joy” is.   Thousands of souls will be impacted by the power of God, as people are confronted with His Word, as we preach in the streets and in public schools and churches.  Untold numbers will be reached in the years ahead as a result of our training of Christian workers in Evangelism.

                Please pray fervently each day throughout this month, for our ministry in India.  Pray that the door will be wide open for the proclamation of the Gospel, and that many souls will be born into God’s kingdom.  Pray that the church leaders who attend our training conference will return to their home regions with a renewed zeal and vision to evangelize their communities and their nation.

                As you know, a mission project of this magnitude is extremely expensive.  I need your assistance in helping to cover the cost of this outreach.  Please give the most generous donation that you possibly can this month.  Your gift to this ministry is an investment in souls, that will bring eternal dividends.  God bless you for caring and for sharing!


                                                                                      HIS servant,                                 

                              Terry Veazey



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