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                               August 2017

Dear friends,

                It was forty eight years ago this month, at a youth camp in the mountains of New Mexico, that I surrendered to God's call for Christian ministry.  I was fifteen years old and had no idea what the Lord had in store for me.  That was the summer of 1969.  Man had just walked on the moon for the first time.

                I am sixty three years old now, and have logged more than five million miles in my travels for the Gospel, enough miles to have gone to the moon and back several times!  It has been my privilege thus far to serve as an Ambassador for Christ's kingdom in seventy five nations on five continents, sharing God's Word with many millions of souls, seeing multitudes profess their faith in Jesus.  HALLELUJAH!  What a mighty Savior is He!!!

                In addition to conducting a lifetime of soul winning outreach, it has been a joy to also provide evangelism training for thousands of international church leaders in conferences worldwide, thus multiplying our impact exponentially on untold numbers of God's servants.  Only eternity will tell the full story of all that the Lord has done.  To HIM goes all the glory and honor!

                We are now preparing to return to NEPAL next month, where our team will be training more than one hundred church leaders in Kathmandu, the Capitol city of that nation.  Please pray fervently for those preparations and for the provision of the finances which are needed for this mission project.  Nepal is predominately Hindu, with only a small percentage of Christians.  This can change, if we are faithful to proclaim Christ there!

                Thanks for standing with me in this vital work of the Gospel.  I appreciate your support.


                              Terry Veazey



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