Monthly Newsletter

June 2020


Dear friends,

                For fifty years I have been preaching to the nations of the world, calling people to repentance of sin  and to faith in Jesus Christ, warning mankind of the coming day of judgement, when God’s wrath will be poured out upon this sinful earth.  Many people responded by surrendering their lives at the foot of the cross.  However, others who heard my plea, chose to ignore God’s word.  Many of them have perished already and passed into eternity without becoming new creations in Christ.  Some have tragically transitioned during the past few weeks, succumbing to this Coronavirus pandemic.

               It breaks my heart that people all over this globe are dying each day without a relationship to their Creator.  It further concerns me that much needed evangelism has largely been curtailed for the time being, due to this virus.  If for no other reason, I am praying for an end to this pandemic, for the sake of souls worldwide.

               As I write this letter, our nation has erupted in protests and lawlessness.  Cities are burning all across our beloved USA.  Innocent citizens are being murdered, along with law enforcement personnel.  Disrespect for authority is on vivid display everywhere you look.  Anarchy seems to prevails.

               We are in desperate need of a spiritual awakening!  The hearts of our citizens need to be transformed from darkness to light, through the power of Jesus Christ our Lord, the Prince of peace.  As we surrender to HIS lordship, only then will we see an end to all this mayhem.

                Let us join our hearts together in fervent prayer, interceding for the United States of America.  This is a spiritual battle, and it must be fought on our knees in prayer.  May God have mercy on us.

                In recent weeks, we have been assisting some of our Christian friends in India and Bangladesh who were impacted by a terrible cyclone (hurricane) which destroyed millions of homes and which took the lives of many people.  We have been able to provide finances to a precious pastor in Calcutta, to rebuild his house.  We have also helped purchase food for a pastor and church members in Kathmandu, Nepal who were unable to acquire groceries during this pandemic.

               While quarantined at home with my precious wife, I have been spending a lot of time in prayer and Bible study, and doing as much ministry as possible using social media tools.  I have also started writing my biographical memoirs, something that I have been putting off for awhile.

               Thanks for your faithfulness in praying and in giving during these challenging times.  May God bless and keep you!

HIS servant,

Terry Veazey

 Note:  Psalm 91 (the entire chapter) has been a real source of strength to me during this crisis.  I recommend it to you.  Remember:  God is true to His Word and faithful to His promises.  

                                                                                      July 2020

Dear friend,

               I have been very concerned, ever since this Covid-19 pandemic began, that the church in America is not taking seriously the truth of II Chronicles 7: 13 - 14, which states:

               ”. . . when I send a plague . . . If my people, who are called by my name, will

                humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,

                then will I hear from heaven, I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land.”

               It looks to me as if there is a real lack of genuine humbling, praying, seeking and 

turning from wickedness (REPENTANCE) in the USA during the past five months.

               Judgement begins in the house of God.  As the church goes, so goes the nation.  If the

American church does not set the example in humility, prayer, seeking the Lord and repentance,

then the USA will definitely not experience the spiritual awakening and the healing which our nation so desperately needs. 

              Since international travel is currently shut down, I have been asking the Lord for His direction concerning my ministry opportunities for the remainder of this year.  Following several weeks of fervent prayer and fasting, I feel compelled by the Lord to launch a ministry to the USA that I am calling . . . ”REPENT AMERICA!”

               Using social media avenues and actually traveling throughout our nation, I am committing myself to be a “voice crying in the wilderness“, urgently and fervently calling the American Church and our entire nation to REPENTANCE.

               I am planning to go to the steps of every state Capitol in the USA, and to our U.S. Supreme Court, preaching a scriptural message of REPENTANCE, confronting government leaders with the Word of God, and holding them accountable for sinful legislation and a lack of of true Biblical leadership.

               Will you stand with me in my mission?  I need a powerful prayer covering, with God’s people on their knees daily, calling out to the Lord for His blessing, His provision and His protection.  I need the favor and the power of Almighty God in order to accomplish this mission, and prayer is the key.

                I also need your financial assistance.  The expense of this mission was not anticipated or planned for in our annual ministry budget.  I estimate that it will cost a minimum of $125,000 to complete this  project.  This amount does not include the possible purchase of a dependable traveling vehicle, one that is new enough to handle the high mileage of this mission.

               Please give the most generous gift that you possibly can this month, and every month, to support what I believe is a God ordained mission to our nation, during these troubling days.

               Click on the link below in order to donate through my website, using your debit or credit card.  Or, you can send your gift by postal mail, making your check payable to Terry Veazey Ministries and mailing to: PO Box 240762, Montgomery, AL 36124-0762.

               Thanks for your generous support.  Until our Lord returns, I remain . . . 

                                                                                       HIS  servant,

                                                                                       Terry Veazey


                                                                                       August 2020

Dear friend, 

               The ”REPENT AMERICA!” Mission got off to a great start last month, as we began with a three day event here in my hometown of Montgomery, the Capitol city of Alabama.

               From here, our team traveled to the state of Kentucky, where we conducted an early morning event on the State Capitol grounds in the city of Frankfort.  

               Two weeks later, our team of four persons traveled to Washington, DC to issue a public call to our government officials to repent of their unGodly legislations and rulings recently and past decades, that go against the Word of the Lord, especially in regards to abortion rights and homosexual rights.  I preached in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building and on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, a message entitled, “Can America Be Healed?”  My biblical text was II Chronicles 7:13-14.

               From DC we journeyed to North Carolina, to the city of Raleigh, where we held our event on the grounds of the state Capitol.  It was good to have several old friends attending, who drove from other parts of the state, and whom I knew as a high school age teenager in Fayetteville, NC back in the 1970’s.

               Following our morning in Raleigh, we drove to the coastal town of Jacksonville, NC where, after two days of rest, I preached on a Sunday morning at Enon Chapel, a church I first ministered at in 1972 at age 17. This congregation has supported us ever since then.

               Finally, prior to returning home, we conducted another of our “Solemn Assembly” events on the grounds of the South Carolina Capitol building in the city of Columbia.

               In each venue, we were kindly received by most persons, with the exception of a few rude individuals who vocally opposed my message.  Of course, that is to be expected.

               My sincere thanks go to all of our partners who are standing with me faithfully in prayer and with your monetary gifts.  Your support means more to me than I can possibly express.

               This is a huge task that the Lord has given me.  I estimate that it may take a full year to complete it, going to all fifty states of our nation.  I need your fervent prayers!

               The expenses of this mission are quite large, as you can imagine (fuel, meals, lodging, publicity, literature, etc.).  Please send the most generous gift that you can, to help me cover these expenses.

                                                                                HIS servant, 

                                                                                Terry Veazey


                                                                                 January 2021

Dear friend,

               As I reflect on the past year of ministry, I am astounded at the magnitude of God’s grace and power. We were privileged to share the Gospel of Christ with thousands of precious souls in three nations on two different continents.  Christian leaders received evangelism training here in the USA.  This was accomplished in spite of a worldwide pandemic.  ALL PRAISE AND GLORY BE UNTO HIS MIGHTY NAME!

                I am now well into my fiftieth year of evangelistic ministry, though I feel that I have only just started serving Christ.  There are still so many souls in need of salvation.  Every day, millions are perishing without the knowledge of our Lord Jesus.  Truly, the harvest is great, but the laborers are too few.  Please join with me in praying that the Lord of the harvest will send more workers into the harvest fields of the earth.

                In 2021, I plan to continue conducting the “REPENT AMERICA!” events across our nation, in the Capitol cities.  As international Covid travel restrictions are lifted, I hope to resume our foreign training conferences and evangelism events worldwide.

                Please continue to stand faithfully with me in your prayers and your giving during this year.  Your partnership with this ministry is of utmost importance, and enables me to fulfill God’s call on my life to go into all the world, making disciples of all tribes and nations.  Thanks so much.

                                                                                  HIS servant,

                                                                                   Terry Veazey


                                                                                    December 1, 2021

               Our mission to Cairo, Egypt last month resulted in forty-one people coming into a new found faith in Jesus Christ.  Glory to God in the highest!!!  This is truly a miracle, performed by the Holy Spirit.  Our team faithfully shared the Gospel with hundreds of people, including Syrian and Sudanese refugees, deaf orphans and many Egyptians.  Thanks to all our partners who prayed and who gave to help make this happen.

               This month, I am scheduled to be in San Diego, CA to participate in one of the largest Christian outreach events in that state.  It is called “The Hope Toy Drive”, and is sponsored by the dynamic New Vision Church.  They are anticipating thousands of local families to show up, to receive free toys for their children’s Christmas.  I will have the honor of preaching the Gospel at this event on the afternoon of Sunday, December 19th.  Please pray for a mighty outpouring of God’s grace and power on the hearts of all who attend that day.

               I am rejoicing over all that the Lord has accomplished through our ministry during 2021, in spite of Covid challenges, as we shared God’s truth on three continents with a multitude of precious souls whom the Lord Jesus died to save.  Truly, that is the real meaning of this Christmas season.  HE came from heaven to earth, so that we might go from go from earth to heaven!

               Thanks for the important part you are having in helping me to fulfill the “Great Commission” (see Matthew 28:19 & 20).

                                                                                        HIS servant,

                                                                                        Terry Veazey



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