Monthly Newsletter

                               January 2019

Dear friends,

                As we enter this new year, let me begin by rejoicing over all that God did through this ministry during 2018.  We were privileged to proclaim the Gospel in six nations on five separate continents, conducting evangelistic ministry in Argentina, South Korea, Liberia, Indonesia, Nicaragua and the USA.  Hundreds of church leaders attended our training conferences, and multitudes of souls were reached with the truth of God’s word in our outreach events.  Gospel literature was distributed by our team members to an untold number of people, in schools, churches, neighborhoods, on the streets, on airplanes and everywhere we went.  To God be all the glory!

               I am sincerely grateful to each of our partners for the crucial part they had last year in supporting this ministry through their prayers and their giving.  There is a reward stored up for them in heaven, which they will receive one day when they stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ.  Hallelujah!

               Now, looking forward to 2019, the Lord is giving us some great opportunities and some wide open doors.  We are making plans to conduct mission projects in India, South America, Asia, Africa and here in the USA.  Please pray that God will grant me wisdom in selecting the places where He desires me to go.  Pray for our native helpers in those locations, who are busy making preparations.  Pray for all of our team members who will be volunteering for these projects.  Pray for the church leaders who will be attending our training conferences, and for the many lost souls who will be exposed to the Gospel.  And, pray for the provision of financial support that is needed.

               Your faithfulness in supporting God’s work through this ministry, is an eternal investment in the souls of humankind.  You will truly be laying up treasure in heaven.  May the Lord bless you abundantly for your generosity in praying and in giving.


                                                                                      HIS servant,                                 

                              Terry Veazey



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