Mission Trips and Projects

Evangelist Terry Veazey travels worldwide, bringing the gospel to all peoples in all nations.  His "World Alive!" campaign has equipped thousands of evangelists on five continents to fulfill the Great Commission (see Matthew 28:18-20).

North America:

Terry Veazey conducts concerts, church revivals, evangelistic campaigns and training conferences regularly throughout the USA.

Latin America:

Hundreds of native evangelists in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua have been trained for student evangelism.  Many thousands of souls have been won to Christ.

Eastern Europe:

At twelve years of age, Terry Veazey stood on a wooden platform and looked over the infamous Berlin wall into communist East Germany.  There he wept and prayed for God to bring down that wall, so that the Gospel could be proclaimed freely.  The Lord answered that prayer and the wall came down in 1989!  Terry has conducted numerous campaigns in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Crimea, Transnistria and Ukraine.  These former Soviet bloc nations are hungry for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the churches are in great need of evangelistic training and resources. 

Western Europe: 

As a pre-teen, Terry Veazey lived in Germany for three years and developed a love for the people of Western Europe.  Since 1970, Terry has evangelized in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Greece and Great Britain.

Middle East:

Terry Veazey has made twelve separate trips to the nation of Israel, leading hundreds of Christians from the USA on pilgrimages to the Holy Land.  He has also done ministry in Turkey, Jordan and Egypt.


Thousands of indigenous evangelists have been trained in the nations of Liberia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Nigeria.  Africa was the first continent where Terry Veazey did foreign mission work, in 1972, at the age of eighteen.  He has been returning regularly ever since.


Since 1980, Terry has traveled to China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, as well as to Nepal, India and Bangladesh, to preach the Gospel and to equip church leaders in evangelistic strategies.




ATTENTION:   Contact us to let us know of your interest in being a team member on one of Terry's future mission trips.  We will send you information on upcoming foreign campaigns.  


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